Santa’s shakedown man, Krampus, should visit … Rod Jetton

We knew Rod Jetton, the former speaker of the Missouri House, was a dirtball. Jetton, a Republican, worked as a political consultant at the same time wielded the gavel. His reign is reportedly at the center of an FBI investigation into “pay-to-play” deals in Jeff City.

But then came his arrest on suspicion of felony assault, and words like “scumbag” felt inadequate.

In November, a woman told police in Sikeston, Missouri, that Jetton had come to her home bearing wine. She says Jetton hit and choked her as she faded in and out of consciousness during intercourse.
Jetton will be arraigned in January. Before then, Krampus, the demon who accompanies Santa Claus, delivering something more behavior-modifying than a lump of coal, should pay Jetton a visit.

See, Jetton’s already of guilty of hypocrisy. While in office, he

liked to trumpet his commitment to “family values.” In fact, he

replaced a committee chair who, after the U.S. Supreme Court stuck down

a ban on gay sex, inserted language into a crime ball undoing

Missouri’s prohibition on same.

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