Sam Billen Covers the Republic Tigers

It’s been a while since we’ve had occasion to blog about our hometown thundercats the Republic Tigers. So thanks to Sam Billen for whippin’ out the accordin and banjo and doing this beautiful, otherworldly bluegrass (spacegrass?) cover of “Made Concrete.”

MP3: Sam Billen, “Made Concrete” (Republic Tigers cover)

The former frontman of the Billions recently released a solo album titled Headphones & Cellphones. For a limited time, you can stream the whole album for free and purchase it digitally for just $2. Go to or fiddle with the widget below. Billen is working up an album of covers called Removers for later release on the Record Machine. He’s already done Deastro.

This, folks is what being a working musician is all about: always generating product. The days of putting out one album every five years are over. In between official releases and tours, there’s a multitude of opportunities to market yourself and move units digitally. To keep people talking about you months after your new record is out.

Bravo, Billen. Now how about something fresh from those Tigers themselves?

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