Rush forces KC car dealer who gave away AK-47s to boycott NFL

Self portrait via
Mark Muller

The loonies claiming they’re giving up the National Football League due to its treatment of oppressed rich white guy Rush Limbaugh can count a Kansas City car dealer among their ranks.

Our sister paper The Riverfront Times points out that Mark Muller, owner of Max Motors and wannabe arms dealer (he saved Missourians from having to make the hard choice between a pickup truck and an assault rifle this summer by giving away free AK-47s with purchase of a truck), is now claiming that he’s canceling his Kansas City Chiefs season tickets because the NFL supposedly blocked Limbaugh’s attempt to buy the St. Louis Rams.

Muller told the Cybercast News Service that Limbaugh was the reason he first went to an NFL game. Muller claimed that he heard Limbaugh endorse the NFL on his radio

program in the ’80s. Muller supposedly talked to his wife, and they

“gave up everything in our life at the time [so] we could buy two

season tickets, no more dinners out, nothing.” But no more.

“Had they handled it behind closed doors and Rush had bowed out I’d have known that he’d taken a screwing but I wouldn’t have cared because I love the NFL,” said Muller. “But to have the commissioner of the NFL get on TV and say we find him inappropriate, well, by God, then I’m an inappropriate fan.”

Muller claimed the decision was an emotional one for his family. He told Cybercast news:

“I’ll never go to another NFL game. My wife and I, we had a family

meeting over it. All day we talked about football and Rush Limbaugh,

and by that night at dinner my wife broke down in absolute tears, and

we decided to cancel our tickets, to never go to another game.”

Not only do the Chiefs lose a pair of season ticket holders, but Muller also told Cybercast News that he’s done throwing tailgate parties at Arrowhead — parties he claims attract about 800 fans at a time. 

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