Royals roundup: Dayton Moore accepts his fate

Royals G.M. Dayton Moore has entered a new phase: fatalism.

Phase One featured optimism. Moore took the job with assurances that David Glass would make an effort to stop being the worst owner in professional sports. Buoyed by the success of the Atlanta Braves, for whom he had toiled for 10 years, Moore was picking the World Series parade route before making his first trade.

Defensiveness marked Phase Two. Moore discovered that brush-cut professionalism could undo only so much dysfunction. Unaccustomed to criticism, Moore lashed out at the observers who first- and second-guessed what he liked to call “the process.”

The firing of manager Trey Hillman was a sad event for Moore. Hillman was the first manager Moore hired. The two seemed to share a tight-ass, Fox News view of the world.

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