Royals look like same old chumps to George Steinbrenner’s decomposing eyes

Death visited Steinbrenner before the Royals in 2010.

​The Royals appeared at Yankee Stadium over the weekend. Who had Kansas City losing three out of four to the best team in baseball? What, everybody? OK, put down your hands.

With Zack Greinke unavailable for the series, the Royals looked as defenseless as an underling who screwed up in the presence of George Steinbrenner, the Yankees’ larger-than-life owner. New York outscored the Royals 33-16 during the four-game mismatch of payroll and acumen. Steinbrenner may be dead, but players who wear his pinstripes know the routine: Show the Royals how far they have to come, then twirl a starlet.

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