Royals fan Joe Hoffmann dedicates first plate to Don Denkinger at Flying Saucer in St. Louis

  • Twitter: ShowMePlate
  • Hoffmann represented the Blue well on Saturday.

Sometimes all a man has is conviction and an online fundraising campaign. Joe Hoffmann, perhaps better known by his blog handle Chimpotle locally, is a former Kansas City resident who has been transported via a cruel twist of fate or a car down Interstate 70 to St. Louis.

He has spent the past several months attempting to be the first person to earn a plate at the new Flying Saucer (900 Spruce) only a block from Busch Stadium in the River City. His plan was to dedicate said plate to umpire Don Denkinger (best known for this call in the intrastate World Series). In order to do this, one must drink 200 beers. Now, because this is St. Louis, several locals attempted to derail his plans this Saturday. And because this is St. Louis, they failed.

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