Roquefort fans (all three of them) rejoice!

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Just when the battle of Roquefort tariffs appeared to be at its ultimate low — when connoisseurs of the French cheese were about to be charged more per ounce than if they’d been buying gold topped with cocaine served with Kenny Chesney tickets — the United States and Europe have reached an agreement sparing Roquefort.

The more than 300 percent tariff was one of the last acts George W. Bush signed while in office. But it’s not because of animosity towards his predecessor that Obama’s administration is reversing the decision — it’s because Europe has agreed to import more of our cattle.

Previously the EU resisted American cows because it considers artificial hormones like rBGH to be unsafe. (Hmmm … why does that argument sound familiar?) Under the new agreement, Europeans agree to take beef not treated with artificial hormones.

(Image via Flickr: Doozzle)

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