Romeo Crennel: 10 things you can feel confident he’ll do

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  • Next up for Crennel and the Chiefs are the Steelers on Monday night.

Just as Monty Python’s Black Knight once exclaimed that he was not dead yet, Kansas City Chiefs General Manager Scott Pioli sat down with KMBC Channel 9’s Len Dawson Sunday night to explain why the Chiefs are still capable of biting off some kneecaps. The most interesting answer from Pioli was about head coach Romeo Crennel. Pioli explained that this season wasn’t a failure of coaching but rather of execution.

“I’m still as confident in Romeo as the day I hired him,” Pioli told Dawson (who, while not tough, at least asked questions).

We here at The Pitch also have confidence in the coach. So here are 10 things that you can be confident Romeo Crennel will do.

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