Roman de Gare

Claude Lelouch’s A Man and a Woman, one of the silliest love songs in the canon of French fluff, gets a beguiling makeover 42 years on in this new soufflé. Roman de Gare, which loosely translates as “airport novel” and was written and directed under the pseudonym Hervé Picard, is stuffed with fakers. At the center is an unlikely couple: a celebrity-mad provincial neurotic (the appealing Audrey Dana) who’s either a hairdresser or a hooker, and a pug-faced stranger (Delicatessen star Dominique Pinon) who might be a serial killer. This goofy tale of self-emancipation, a love story made by a mature man wise to the possibilities of the improbable, is also a thriller with an unexpectedly dark edge.

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