Rolling Stone reflects on Operation Rescue’s ‘war’ against George Tiller

The latest issue of Rolling Stone features a short editorial by managing editor Will Dana on the death of Wichita abortion provider George Tiller and takes a look back on a five-year-old profile of anti-abortion activist and Operation Rescue president Troy Newman titled “One Man’s God Squad.”

Dana calls the killing of Dr. Tiller “hardly surprising” after

re-reading the Rolling Stone profile of Newman. Here’s a clip about Newman’s

“dangerously personal” campaign against Tiller:

Banned by federal law from obstructing

access to clinics, Newman and his followers stalked the doctor and his

employees night and day. They went through garbage, picketed

restaurants where his workers were dining, even tried to intimidate his

dry cleaner “One of us has to go,” Newman like to say. “And it isn’t

going to be me.”

Read the full editorial after the jump.

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