Rockfest 2010 Line-Up

The perpetually sold-out Rockfest is back at the Liberty Memorial this year, thanks to Kansas City’s loyal hard-rockaholics. Here’s the official line-up for the festival on May 15.

Main Stage 

1:30 Halestorm 
2:40 Rev Theory
3:50 Drowning Pool
5:00 Papa Roach
6:30 Seether
8:00 Three Days Grace
9:30 Godsmack
Second Stage
12:00 Taddy Porter
1:00 Shaman’s Harvest
2:10 Adelitas Way
3:20 Burn Halo
4:30 The Veer Union
6:00 Janus
7:30 Airbourne
9:00 Five Finger Death Punch
In case you forgot, here are the Ten Commandments of Rockfest, via our review of 2009’s Rockfest by Berry Anderson:

1. Thou shalt pick up thy brother if he falls.

2. Thou shalt drink one water for every two beers.

3. Thou shalt apply sunscreen so thou won’t become the Rock Lobster.

4. Thou shall appreciate Breast Fest with thine eyes, not thine hands.

5. Thou shall find a cop if thou witnesses assholes fighting.

6. Thou shalt not make the sweet love in the porta-potty.

7. Thou shalt put thy hands in the air and wave them like thou just doesn’t care.

8. Thou shalt respect the security guards who are just doing their job.

9. Thou shalt not act like a macho dick.

10. Thou shalt not drink and drive.

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