Rock Out Reach Out: Music is the lure for charities this Saturday at Crosstown Station

Music is a great lure. Every weekend, it gets folks somewhere to contribute to a good cause. Rock bands shred desperately in a metro bar to help raise money for a friend in need; organizations looking for donations throw a fancy party with local musicians hired to provide entertainment. An event going down at Crosstown Station this Saturday is kind of a hybrid of those two platforms — and then some.

Rock Out Reach Out, presented by the new Center for Justice and Sustainability at William Jewell College, is a concert designed to introduce listeners to local non-profit organizations that always (and especially in hard economic times) could benefit from a little assistance. The idea, organizer Anthony Shop says, is to “celebrate what the people of Kansas City are doing” and show them how to do more.

The concept, which forces people to decide which of 14 organizations they want their cover charge to benefit, is pretty cool. Here’s how it works: When patrons arrive, they’ll exchange their ticket (or cash, it they pay at the door) for tokens. At some point in the night, everyone is supposed to take their tokens upstairs to leave with the non-profit organization of their choice. Ideally, as they’re deciding which charity deserves their money the most, folks will also sign up for a volunteer shift with the group or get involved in some other way. That’s part of the multi-pronged “reach out” goal of the evening, Shop says — give, join, win. The winning part happens if you answer some trivia questions right and get a cash prize that also goes to the non-profit of your choice.

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