Rock of Pages: the Ultimate Hipster Reading List

Ooh, boy. Nice work by the folks over at Flavorwire. They’ve put together what they call “the Ultimate Hipster Reading List.”

They’ve got lists of suggested material from the folks at Vice, David J. Gutowski (editor of largeheartedboy), and assorted other folks “in the know.”

The only book on the list I can recall reading is The Manual of Detection by Jedediah Berry. However, that book is just about one of the best things I’ve read in the past decade. Trust me, I’ve been unemployed or broke enough in the previous ten years to have found every good thing to grace the shelves at the Lawrence Public Library.

Along with Joe Meno’s The Boy Detective Fails, it’s one of the books to redefine what detective fiction can be. Rather than following the traditional Dashiell Hammett noir or Agatha Christie whodunit formula, the books work with the nature of memory and how reality can be perceived.

So, it looks like I’ve got some more things to add to my reserve list — after I get through this stack of post-holiday, non-thinking, ridiculously violent thrillers from John Connolly.

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