Rock of Pages: Flavorpak zine

It’s a damn shame that the Internet pretty much killed zines. While it’s cheaper to put together a blog — in other words, “free” — than to print up and distribute a zine, the layout options were so much more fantastic. You had folks who would make works of art using the cut-and-paste punk rock aesthetic, kids doing what they could with their school’s version of Pagemaker, and other people who approached each issue of their publication with a vision. Really, there’s only so much you can do with HTML in terms of layout.

One of the best Kansas City zines in terms of layout, vision, and content was Flavorpak, which documented the area’s hip hop scene. In retrospect, I had no idea what these cats were doing back in the mid-90s. Flipping through the back issues, there’s art from Jim Mahfood, an interview with Tech N9ne, and documentation of the area’s tagger scene. The covers were grabbing, with a gritty shot that instantly snagged your attention.

Of particular historical interest from Flavorpak‘s fourth issue is a Q&A with some of the artists involved with the then-recently released Kansas City Misery compilation (which we featured back in July). It showcases the magazine’s sense of style, both in terms of coverage and layout. You can check out the scans after the jump.

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