Riverboat Gamblers

Known for their over-the-top songs about anal sex, heavy drinking and (duh) gambling, Austin, Texas’ Riverboat Gamblers pack enough dynamite into each show to blow up the venue and take down most of the block as well. Though their new album, To the Confusion of Our Enemies, is effectively punchy and raw, it barely captures the intensity of the band’s performances. Mixing a touch of Green Day with the showmanship of Mick Jagger or Axl Rose, the Gamblers aren’t likely to leave town happy unless they’ve shed blood onstage in a drunken frenzy. What’s more, they’re not just crazy stage characters; the lyrics are filled with biting wordplay, and their music is peppered with skillful harmonies and rhythm changes. And after nearly nine years together, this band is hardly a gamble any longer — it’s the head-banging, sweat-soaked real deal.

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