Riot Room booze is now a thing you can acquire to support Riot Room

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The Riot Room has a special place in our hearts as music fans. Unfortunately, no large gatherings means no live music, which means no business.

City Barrel wanted to do something to help. Hence: Six Feet Apart.

Six Feet Apart is available for pre-order now and available for pick-up Friday, May 8th.

From CB:

We brewed this beer before the pandemic hit and had plans to sell it on draft at our City Barrel location and at The Riot Room. We were going to give the beer a super metal name, but with everything happening, we decided to embrace the need for social distancing by reminding people that the SIX FEET APART rule is SUPER important. (And we still went a little metal with a Tales from the Crypt-inspired label.)

SIX FEET APART is a dry-hopped IPA with hand-zested and crushed blood oranges, tart cherry, some supreme west coast hops and a few dark secrets. The beer pours a deep purple-ish red and has a nice balance of earthiness and citrus.

At a devilish 6.66% ABV, it’s a dangerous drinker. We truly hope you’ll swing by the brewery on release day, Friday, May 8th, and pick up a 4 pack or 8.


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