Rilo Kiley

Just two short years ago, Rilo Kiley was playing tiny rock clubs in support of The Execution of All Things — an album that foreshadowed the quirk-rock resurgence by merging bittersweet twang, aching riffs and whimsical orchestration. The Los Angeles quartet, realizing the potential of Things, has graduated to bigger concert venues, thanks to last year’s More Adventurous, which incorporated tart new-wave riffs and electro bleeps without sacrificing the band’s nervy melancholy or penchant for love-obsessed poetry. Although the onstage camaraderie at the Boston stop of its fall tour perhaps betrayed the intra-band tension that had a hand in delaying More‘s release — fire-engine-red-haired vocalist Jenny Lewis appeared to barely acknowledge guitarist-vocalist Blake Sennett onstage — Rilo Kiley’s tunes, including an inspiring encore rendition of “The Good That Won’t Come Out,” remained joyful.

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