Rightbloggers taste the tiger blood, link Charlie Sheen to unions, Obama and gay marriage

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Last week it seemed no one could get enough of Charlie Sheen. Though

he’d previously made the papers with his drug problems, domestic

violence incidents, and hit TV series, Sheen attained internet meme

status when, after his ravings derailed his show, he responded with spectacularly

outsized references to himself as “an F-18” with “flaming fists” and

“tiger blood” who was in all things #winning.

This led to humorous Charlie Sheen random quote

generators and flow charts as well as outraged remarks, some of

which were pretty astute, and some of which were silly.

You know rightbloggers had to get a piece of this action. In their hands

Sheen became a metaphor for liberalism, homeless policy, union

violence, and America’s moral decline in the gay marriage era.

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