Rightbloggers stick it to The Man with groovy rightwing revolution

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Psst, brother! Are you down with the revolution? No, we don’t mean the

revolution of the Sixties — though some of the star players in this one

do dress like Paul Revere and the Raiders (and most of them are

old enough that — who knows? — they may have have gotten stoned and

marched on the Pentagon back in the day).

We’re talking about the new revolution, man. In this one, the Tea Party people rouse the populace to revolt against “America’s Ruling Class” — which includes both parties but mostly means the Democrats and their Kenyan pretender Obama.

The latest Spurt of ’76 began with a shot heard ’round the world — a hallucinogenic rant at Investor’s Business Daily called “Will Washington’s Failures Lead To Second American Revolution?

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