Rightbloggers share tea party rage at gov’t spending — until a GOP senator puts his hand out

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A Tea Party Convention was held this weekend in

Nashville by some members of the national tea party movement. (The tea

party movement, as we have observed at their previous events, is an allegedly non-partisan but in practice anti-Obama phenomenon,

focusing on the Administration’s massive spending, which is portrayed

as socialistic and wasteful of taxpayer dollars.)

Though paid attendance at the convention was only around 600 (swelling to 1,100 for Sarah

Palin‘s Saturday night speech), it received about as much press as the Grammy Awards,

partly because of Palin’s involvement. Ironically, this level of

attention from the hated MSM gave rightbloggers the opportunity to treat

the modest affair in a minor media market as if it presaged a second

American Revolution — of the sort Palin told conventioneers America is “ready for.”

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