Rightbloggers say they’ll change the Constitution to fix problems you never knew you had

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Two years ago, conservatives were on the ropes. But the GOP victories in

last month’s elections have them dreaming big again. They’re back to

talking about destroying the Democrats once and for all. Even Newt Gingrich is talking about running for President in 2012, which shows how general the optimism is.

Some in the political meth labs of the right dream bigger still, and

push for new Amendments to the Constitution. So what would you expect

these newly-empowered Sons of Liberty to push? The Human Life Amendment? Repeal of the Civil Rights Act? A ban on the cursed TSA?

No, comrades, those are from the old wish-lists. The front

runners so far are an Amendment to have state legislatures, rather than

citizens, directly elect U.S. Senators, and another allowing state

legislatures to overturn federal laws.

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