Rightbloggers offer tributes to the late John Murtha

After taking a moment to attack the newly-dead John Murtha (“He seemed to characterize

the Democratic Party’s ‘cut-and-run’ defeatism”), American Power applauded Minority Leader John

Boehner‘s kind words for Murtha and expressed the hope “that other

conservatives will avoid the kinds of demonization campaigns that are so

familiar on the left upon the death of controversial political


This must be some kind of inside joke, as rightbloggers treated Murtha

at the moment of his passing pretty much the way they treated Ted Kennedy at his.

“May he rot in Hell,” offered Bare Naked Islam. “Justice Delayed, But Not

Denied,” said Jay Tea of Wizbang. “John Murtha, professional

crook, is dead,” said South Bend Seven. “Ding, dong and all that.”

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