Rightbloggers look back in anger at the anti-American World Cup

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“It’s hard work, politicizing your whole life,” read the subhed of Matt

Labash‘s article in the rightwing Weekly Standard. At

last, we thought when we saw this, they’re going to own up to

it! We can stop writing this accursed column — and, freed of their

delusions, conservatives can begin to live a normal life! It’s win-win!

Alas, Labash was merely employing P.J. O’Rourke‘s “He Who Smelt It Dealt

It” journalistic method — that is, acting like an asshole and blaming

it on someone else — to show us that liberals are big dopes as

played by Matt Labash. e.g., Labash asks some librarian if she has ever

heard anyone request The Nation or Mother Jones.

“‘Can’t say that I have,’ she says. ‘Wrong,’ I say, ‘You just did.'”

The librarian rolls her eyes. Liberals suck!

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