Rightbloggers find the lesson of the Japanese disaster: We need more nuclear power plants! (Plus Obama sux!)

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Last week Japan was hit by earthquake, tsunami,

and volcano. As the country tries to come back from

this series of disasters, donations are pouring in from world citizens.

Rightbloggers are doing their part, too. They’re using the catastrophe

as a teachable moment to explain that Obama sucks, global warming

doesn’t exist, and what America needs now is more nuclear power plants.

We wish to state up front that we didn’t find rightbloggers doing

the kind of karmic-payback-for-Pearl-Harbor nonsense reported here. That’s not counting Republican Faith Chat (“IT’S NOT AS THOUGH GOD

HASN’T WARNED THE JAPS!”), The Good Kentuckian (“Well, maybe THAT is the real

reason Jesus punished Japan: Jesus hates socialism and big

government!”), and other sites that we’re telling ourselves must be


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