Rightbloggers dispute racial slur charges by any means necessary

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There are many fronts in the dismal daily death-struggle that is American

politics. A particularly boggy one is race. Rightbloggers are keenly

aware that the President whom they like to accuse of socialism and fascism is black, and also that

picking on black people is not considered cool these days. What to do?

Usually, not much. To counter imputations that they’re making these

ludicrous accusations to appeal to racists, they have adopted a few

pre-emptive measures — for example, finding the few black folks who

have appeared at Tea Party protests and publicizing

the hell out of them.

For the most part, though, they’ve been well advised to leave the

subject alone. To do otherwise can’t help, except in some backwoods

jurisdictions. But as the struggle to denigrate Obama persists and heats

up, rightbloggers are finding themselves less able to avoid it — and

tempted to get into it up to the armpits.

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