Rightbloggers, delighted to find black guy scared of Muslims, defend Juan Williams

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Celebrity journalist Juan Williams had a good week, on balance. First, he was fired by National Public Radio for remarks he made on Fox — his other major employer — about his fear of Muslims on airplanes.

That might seem at first a minus, but Williams was immediately rewarded by Fox with a new $2 million contract. Plus, he cemented his reputation among conservatives as one of those liberals who — like Joe Lieberman — can be relied upon to criticize liberals.

You could argue (as some liberals did)

that Williams’ shouldn’t have been fired for his comments, especially

since he said some less-offensive things later. Some rightbloggers did

make that argument. Some even denounced prejudice — against

conservatives. Prejudice against Muslims, though, they didn’t mind. In

fact, that was mainly what they liked about what Williams said.

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