Rightbloggers celebrate Reagan’s 100th birthday; attack his son, Ron Jr.; cheer his daughter, Sarah Palin

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You may remember Ronald Reagan, whose centenary was celebrated last weekend, as former Secretary of State James Baker does — as the man who “taught us how to love”; or, as Arizona GOP Congressman Ben Quayle does,

as “the nice man who gave us jelly beans when we visited the White

House” and “shrank the scope of government,” somehow, with his escalating deficits; or, with Bush White House torture enthusiast John Yoo, as the reviver of the “presidency’s constitutional prerogatives.”

Or may remember him as the destroyer of America’s middle class, pioneer of the banking crisis, etc.

Rightbloggers incline toward the former view, as their hilarious

birthday tributes show. Plus, they see a second Reagan in Sarah Palin.

(Reagan’s actual son? They hate him plus he’s gay!)

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