Restaurant revitalization fund gives millions to KC restaurants

Restaurants and groups across the country received or were approved for grants from the Small Business Administration’s restaurant revitalization fund yesterday to help jump back after the pandemic. Twenty-one of those entities are Kansas City area companies that will receive at least $1 million.

Receiving $10 million was 801 Restaurant Group LLC, which runs two 801 Chophouse locations and the Pig + Finch in Leawood as well as restaurants in Des Moines, Minneapolis, Omaha, and Denver. The other companies in the top five for KC are Q39 LLC, which received $4.77 million, PB&J Restaurants Inc., which received $4 million, Lidia’s Kansas City LLC, which received $2.07 million, and MAVS G LLC, which received $1.96 million.

Demands for grant money reached $75 billion, which greatly exceeded the $28. 6 budget the RRF had. If it were to pass through legislation, the Restaurant Revitalization Fund Replenish act of 2021 would provide an additional $60 billion to the grant program.

The grant was originally meant to prioritize minority, veteran, and women-run businesses but that quickly went away after the SBA lost several court cases. One woman, Kathy Hale, even had her grant revoked after a court case.

Funny how quickly small businesses that aren’t already swimming in corporate money get pushed aside when grants are given out.

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