Report: Chiefs stiffing Todd Haley on pay

The Todd Haley saga isn’t over just yet. As fans call for Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel to be fired, Fox Sports’ obnoxious sub sandwich pitchman Jay Glazer said Sunday that the Chiefs still haven’t paid off their last fired coach, Todd Haley. It was reported back in January that the Chiefs didn’t want to pay up. Almost a year later, it appears there hasn’t been a change of heart at Arrowhead. Haley and the team are in arbitration, and the team reportedly is claiming it shouldn’t pay out Haley’s final year because he was fired “for cause.” What could that cause be? Maybe it was when he told The Star that team higher-ups bugged offices. But hose allegations weren’t revealed until after he had been ousted.

Haley is not the offensive coordinator for the 5-3 Pittsburgh Steelers who play the the Chiefs tonight. And given the saturnalia of dysfunction this season has been for the Chiefs, Haley definitely gets the last laugh. Plus, this is the team once tried to make first responders in a 9/11 remembrance celebration pay to watch the game. So, their cheapness is not exactly news.

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