Rep. Kevin Yoder apologizes for skinny-dipping in Sea of Galilee

  • Yoder wasn’t smiling this morning.

It was a festive evening in a foreign country, and for one night, a congressman from Kansas apparently forgot that he was a congressman from Kansas. Politico broke the story over the weekend of U.S. Rep. Kevin Yoder’s nude dip in the Sea of Galilee on a fact-finding trip to Israel last August. While Yoder’s Republican colleagues joined him in the swim, he was apparently the only one to fully disrobe.

According to the piece, the FBI looked into the trip, paid for by the American Israel Education Foundation. Travis Smith, Yoder’s chief of staff, told Politico that nobody from Yoder’s office has been questioned. Perhaps, as former Pitch managing editor David Martin maintained just a month before Yoder’s sojourn to Israel, it’s time for the congressman to quit trying to paint himself as a conservative. Either that, or he could always claim he was baptizing himself in holy water. Yoder’s actual explanation is after the jump.

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