Remembrance of Jazz Hands Past

In America, the theme songs associated with the threshold between single life and the union of two souls are “Wedding March” by Mendelssohn and “The Chicken Dance.” But for the most part, important life changes aren’t all that toe-tapping. As human beings living in a world of flux and, ultimately, biological decline, we’ve all probably had the same thought: “Why doesn’t my baby’s transition from diapers to potty-chair mastery have better lyrics?” Or “The cessation of the primary function of my ovaries does not have a danceable rhythm.” The season-closing show at Quality Hill Playhouse (303 West 10th Street, 816-421-1700), Closer Than Ever, addresses various life-cycle stages in the universal idiom of the Broadway musical revue, with songs by Richard Maltby Jr. and David Shire. See the show at 1 and 8 p.m. Tickets cost $26. For additional showtimes, see

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