Reggae Kc-style

The recent flurry of local musicians playing reggae inspired Mike Dunn and Patrick Brown this past winter. The two men decided that they would put on a Kansas City reggae festival. Around the same time, Brown bought a few Sony HD cameras and decided to put his journalism degree to work by shooting a local reggae documentary. He wanted to focus mainly on the Blue Riddim Band’s return to the stage but also feature live footage of other local reggae acts — the Sex Police, 77 Jefferson (Dunn’s band), SeedLove, Az One, Jahration, and Livitation Station, plus DJs Rico, Johnny2tone and Woodsy. Brown, who’s also known as DJ Jabberock, is part of the story, too. The plan that Dunn and Brown had from the start was for the film to culminate with footage of all of the bands and DJs playing together at one big show. That show is called the Kansas City Reggae Uprising Festival, and it takes place tonight at Davey’s Uptown Ramblers Club (3402 Main, 816-753-1909).

Fri., Sept. 11, 2009