RecordBar reopens tonight, for real this time

Since Saturday, local venue RecordBar has been closed due to some very un-festive sewage issues. The fixing took far longer than anyone anticipated, including co-owner Steve Tulipana, who explained the hold-up over the phone. 

“We’ve always had problems with that building, it’s just old,” Tulipana said. “So on Saturday, when the water stopped working, we had our guys came out and they couldn’t find anything in our building, so they had to get a camera out all the way out into the pipes outside, to find that the sewer had collapsed. It was totally out of our hands, and we thought it was the city’s issue, so then they had to get their camera out and see where the issue was, and then they concluded that it was private property and therefore not their problem, so then we had to get our landlord involved… It was just one thing after.” 

At long last, the bar will be reopening this evening, at 10 p.m. That means no trivia, but tonight’s Kansas City Bass Music show is still on. 

“Now that we have water, we need to clean all the stuff – everything from service on Saturday is still there because we couldn’t run water,” Tulipana said. “It’s a nightmare, but I’m glad we’re going to be open for the Murs show tomorrow night.” 

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