recordBar hosts online fundraiser to survive 2020

By Chris Campbell

recordBar. // Photo by Chris Campbell

A local venue is hoping to find the money to carry on, amid a year wherein live performances disappeared in a snap.

This silent auction is to help recordBar raise funds to cover expenses incurred during its Covid-19 closure which is expected to carry on into 2021 when, we hope, music tours will begin again.

The venue has never had to do anything like this to keep the lights on, and so they’re depending community support will help pave the way to a brighter future for this KC institution.

Steve Tulipana told us:

“We’ve exhausted the savings, we’ve applied for the grants and the loans and what is there isn’t enough to get us to when we think the tours will come back. The support we’ve seen so far is heartening and pushes us to figure it out. If the support wasn’t there we’d move on and start a new chapter in our lives that doesn’t involve recordBar. But right now, it feels like the path includes recordBar continuing to be part of the community. So we thank everyone that has been supporting the effort.”

The auction ends on September 30th.

Concurrently, recordBar is also running a Kickstarter with tickets for future events, 15 Year Anniversary merchandise, and items from their memorabilia collection.

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recordBar. // Photo by Michael Forester

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