Recession Relief: Kim Long’s banh mi

I’ve been in search of a great banh mi since Vinh Hoa in North Kansas City closed. Though I have yet to find a suitable replacement for David Du’s grilled pork offering, I might just have uncovered a budget friendly version at Kim Long’s Asian Market (511 Cherry), in the Columbus Park neighborhood.

The banh mi is a Vietnamese sandwich on a crusty baguette with a combination of pickled vegetables, meat and a fish or spicy sauce. No two are likely to be the same, and the Kim Long’s version is a mixture of cold cuts that’s a bargain at $2.50.

Despite being refrigerated, the vegetables (sliced carrots, daikon, cucumber and jalapeno) are crunchy, as is the baguette. On my sandwich, a layer of ham and what I believe was liver pate sat underneath a bright mound of cilantro. 

The sandwich could have used a splash of vinegar — the vegetables are fresh, not pickled — and a bit more heat. But this easily beats a packaged convenience store sandwich. And at this price, you’ll have enough in your wallet to pick up a small bottle of sriracha from the store shelves.

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