Real savings with a ‘Penny Pinchin’ Mama’

With everybody focused on saving more and spending less, it’s easy to get caught up in clichéd axioms or shopping strategies. It can be difficult to know which suggestions to take, so Fat City turned to Tracie Fobes, who blogs about coupons and sales at The Kansas City Penny Pinchin’ Mama, for her opinions on a recent article on how to save on everyday purchases. Fobes tackled three of the main tips offered in the article.

CNN says: Purchase oranges, onions and potatoes in a bag.

“If you can not consume the items before they will go bad, it will end up costing you more money,” says Fobes.

In other words, you can get sick of trying to live on oranges and onions in a hurry. Fobes also recommends doing a cost comparison between singles and bags, as the price differential might not be as great as you think.

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