Readers Tell Sex Police: Get Off

Feature: “Sex Police,” October 25

The Porn Supremacy

I found Justin Kendall’s “Sex Police” insightful and intriguing. I also find appalling the extent to which certain Christian organizations endeavor to impose their values on a society that may not share their particular beliefs. Does anyone else see their hypocrisy? They fight from their moral high ground against what they view as obscene, but they are not above using laws judged unconstitutional to do it. I guess the end justifies the means, even for them.

I was raised in a Christian household, and I was taught that one of the greatest gifts God gave humanity was free will. We are not slaves; rather, we have the freedom of personal choice in how we live our lives. No one can make our choices for us, but these groups are certainly trying to do just that. What is the better outcome: a person who doesn’t “sin” because he can’t or a person who has the opportunity to “sin” but chooses not to?

These groups think that if they remove “temptation,” they’ve won because people won’t (can’t) “sin.” But they could eradicate all the pornography and “obscene” imagery in the world, and people would still have their imaginations to live out any fantasy they want. Perhaps these groups should worry less about the products and businesses that make them available and more about people. Hold your prayer vigils, preach the word of God as you see it, put up your billboards, even — and then let people choose for themselves. It’s their God-given right. Who are you to take it away from them?

Jason Ross, Kansas City, Missouri

Sexual Harassment

I read your article about the anti-porn crusade in Kansas, and I am outraged!

I wouldn’t consider myself “for” or “against” porn — I just believe that as American adults, we should be able to watch or purchase anything we want of a sexual nature, as long as it only involves consenting adults of legal age. Prosecutors and grand juries should only be used for actual criminals.

Good article. Thank you for making this issue known. I, for one, was unaware of it previously.

Louis Campbell, Lenexa

The Jury’s In

Thanks for Justin Kendall’s revealing article regarding one man’s fight to censor adult-oriented businesses in Kansas. Phillip Cosby’s attempt to enforce his beliefs on the rest of us strikes me, frankly, as un-American. Why does he strive to make the rest of us into his idea of “pure”? The National Coalition Against Pornography rode into town 18 years ago to censor movies, gather petitions to force a grand jury in Johnson County and stir up some folks in hopes of beginning a national campaign, but it failed to convince most of us — and here we are today, starting all over again. To many of us, the right to watch adult movies in the privacy of our homes is just as valid as the right of straight-laced people to campaign against it.

The real problem now is the frivolous use of grand juries in Kansas. Let’s stop wasting time and money investigating movies that are so very much within our contemporary community standards. Let’s also stop giving people all the wrong reasons for talking about Kansas.

When these cases go to trial, the defendants will be found not guilty by reason of sanity.

Richard Rostenberg, former owner, Hollywood at Home Movies & Magazines,Overland Park

Feature: “The Search for the Garden of Eden,” September 6

Eden Good in the Neighborhood

For a while, in the late 1980s, I worked at KMBZ 980 in Kansas City, which was then owned by Bonneville. (You may as well say, “Owned by the Mormon Church.”) Anyway, more than a few of my co-workers used to say that the sole reason Bonneville wanted a station in Kansas City was to provide coverage when Jesus came back in glory, to nearby Independence, Missouri.

Scott Marinoff, Imperial Beach, California

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