Raised Eire

Hey, “creative” advertising types! In the run-up to St. Patrick’s Day, spare our airwaves from the nauseating leprechaun adverts and all those phony Irish accents. We’re not subjected to seeing stereotypical Al Johnsons dancing on our screens during Black History Month. So why do we have to endure this shamrockery shite that you shovel out every March? Who created these horrible fake brogues? Have you ever heard an Irish person speak in this manner? Bono doesn’t run around screaming for his Lucky Charms. Colin Farrell doesn’t utter nonsense like “Erin Go Bragh” or “top o’ the mornin’.” Stop taking elocution lessons from Brogeen Mullarkey. If you want to hear the real deal in Kansas City, go visit Aoife in Sheehan’s Irish Imports or drink a pint with Ray at The Gaf or sing along to an Irish song with Eddie at the new Café & on West 45th Street. Get real, or get thee gone!

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