Radkey, Stik Figa, Barrel Maker, Drakkar Sauna and more: October’s must-see videos

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Once again, we’ve spent the last moment looking for the best in local audio/visual entertainment for this edition of Cine Local. And man oh man, there are some stellar selections this month. In addition to the usual assortment of hip-hop (KTG and Hue L. Hef, Barrel Maker and Lion) and rock ‘n’ roll (Radkey, Inner Altar), we’ve got some rather excellent marching band videos. Trust us, they’re absolutely worth it. We wouldn’t include anything other than the best in Cine Local.

Drakkar Sauna, “Von Braun at Nuremburg (For Mort Sahl)”
October 1

Did you see Drakkar Sauna’s farewell show? No? You missed out on what might have been one of the best shows the last decade. Goodbye or not, this was the sort of career-spanning set we wish more bands would engage in. It was intimate, then expansive, then genre-bending, and ultimately, very, very satisfying in a way which still had us feeling all the feels.

KTG x HUE L. HEF, “Blow”
October 4

This video is for the new single off Kelz the Great’s second LP, No Luv N My Heart, which dropped on Bandcamp at the end of September. “Blow” is a lot like Luniz’s “I Got 5 On It,” which KTG references about a minute in. In other words, it’s a laid-back, weed-smoking kind of Sunday afternoon jam.

The North Kansas City High School Marching Band, “Lights Out”
October 10

Marching with your instruments lit only by glow sticks and neon sounds like something a high-end college band would do. Props to a high school marching band for doing this in the dark. Seriously. It takes fortitude we can’t even begin to imagine to march when you can’t even see the markings on the field. We only wish this was shot in higher resolution.

Til Willis & Erratic Cowboy, “Smutt Jazz & Jive”
October 10

“Groovy” is the only way to describe this song from the Lawrence act’s set at Coda earlier this month. Willis lets his rhythm section really have a work out on this cut from the band’s 2013 album Crow, Soldier.

Park Hill High School Marching Band, “Phantom”
October 11

Yep, Phantom, as in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera. That Phantom. You try playing “Music of the Night” while marching in precision lockstep, then you make fun. The only thing that would’ve made it perfect would be if they’d have figured out a way to get one of the lighting posts to swing in like the chandelier.


Radkey, “Glore”
October 15

Yeah, yeah, we know: another month, another Radkey video. However, this one is absolutely bonkers, and we’d be remiss not to share it with those of you who haven’t seen this claymation bit of brilliance. “Glore,” off Radkey’s latest, Dark Black Makeup, is a song whose title references St. Joseph’s former mental hospital and current psychiatric museum, and this nutso bit of work certainly feels like it belongs there.

Stik Figa x D/Will, “Waiting4”
October 28

Watching Stik Figa grow up in front of our eyes and ears has been an absolute delight. Going all the way back to 08’s TwentyFourSeven, Stik’s been the sort of talent you can bank on, and every release since then has seen a maturation and change in perspective. “Waiting4” is no exception. Bonus props for the shout-outs to influential Top City hip-hop acts DVS Mindz and Evil-Loc.

Inner Altar, “Fall of the Rebel Angels”
October 27

From March’s Vol I cassette, this is a trippy stoner jam. The video has nudity, so beware — it’s probably NSFW. Although, honestly, if you can’t listen to nearly seven minute odes about a war in heaven with nuns seducing topless women, it’s probably not a job worth having. 

Barrel Maker x LION, “Too Soon”
October 29

Barrel Maker’s once again stepping out and making rhymes, and for this joint, he teams up with electronic beatmaker LION. LION’s fast becoming the head-nodding choice for those in the know out in Lawrence. Taking LION’s wide-open sounds and pairing them with Barrel Maker’s laconic yet terse flow is a match made in heaven.

Are you a local musician with a music video? Send the link to natalie.gallagher@pitch.com. 

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