Radiohead takes Kansas City

  • Angela Bond
  • All hail the King of Limbs

If you love Radiohead, then you’ve had this conversation:

Hater: “I don’t know about Radiohead, man. I just don’t get why people are so into them.”
Fan: ”Wait, what? Why are people into them? Because they are fucking awesome!”
Hater: “Yeah, I’ve heard that. But, like, it just sounds like a bunch of noise to me. I mean, that one song ‘Creep’ is OK. I like that one, I guess. And ‘Fake Plastic Trees’? I can do that one.”
Fan: “’Creep’? For real? That song is 20 years old.”
Hater: “I know, but you can sing along with it and understand what the dude is saying. The other songs are just … meh … I don’t get it. I’m not a music snob like you are, OK? Guh.”

So no show in recent memory garnered as much advance buzz and bragging (“Hey, bro, I got my Radiohead tickets. Did you get yours? Oh, no, my bad … it’s sold out…”) — and as much pre-emptive whatever hostility — as Radiohead’s last night.

This one was for the fans, not the haters. Especially for those who swore we’d wait it out before giving in and heading to St. Louis or Denver in the past, fans of Thom Yorke and co. were duly rewarded last night by a band that last played these parts 16 years ago.

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