Puttery takes a swing with maximum design and miniature golf

The new mini-golf and 21+ spot is a welcome maximalist moment amid a world of beige.
First Floor Bar At Puttery

Main floor bar at Puttery. // Photo by Sarah Sipple

Opening September 14 at Country Club Plaza, Puttery offers a multi-level restaurant, bar, lounge, and mini-golf concept for ages 21 and up. This is the newest of 10 locations for the national chain, with others in Minneapolis, Miami, Dallas, and more.

Interior design choices quickly set this spot apart, straying from generically masculine concrete and wood styles or the cute but not necessarily functional photo-op spots designed solely for social media. 

Complex light fixtures, prints of famous artworks, jewel-toned plush furniture, and a myriad of tile patterns set the stage for a busy but well-planned space. It teeters on overwhelming, but a cohesive color palette keeps the senses grounded. The amount of décor and details invite you to look closer and continue exploring.

Vip Lounge At Puttery

VIP Lounge // Photo by Sarah Sipple

Upon entering on 47th Street, a concierge checks guests in, who now must choose which level to visit first. The main floor offers comfortable booths and seating vignettes to grab a drink or bite, as well as the first of three mini-golf courses. Art—pop, sculptural, etc.—is the theme of the first-floor course. To play a round, the cost is $18 per person. 

With the bar experience holding equal weight to the putting action, gameplay is designed with drinkers in mind. A digital scorecard complete with a drink shelf is found at the start of each hole—no more mini-pencils and having to designate a trustworthy scorekeeper.

Art Course At Puttery

Hole 4 on the Art Course // Photo by Sarah Sipple

The lower level of Puttery features multiple bars and a variety of seating options, including a few VIP lounge areas. A generic city skyline (would it have been that difficult to make it Kansas City-specific?) awaits in one of the downstairs mini-golf courses, while the other has a mismatched nature theme. The Conservatory-themed course includes rattlesnakes, cherry blossom art, and a small forest room. 

Conservatory Course At Puttery

Conservatory Course at Puttery // Photo by Sarah Sipple

The food menu includes appetizers like Beef Sliders ($12) and Veggie Ceviche ($15), pizzas ($16+), entrees ($16+), salads ($14), and mini desserts ($5). The multiple bars offer beer, wine, cocktails, and zero-proof options. Local beers from Boulevard, Torn Label, Free State, and Martin City start at $6.50.

Between the sophisticated décor devoid of windows, the informal activities for a group or pair, and the $14 cocktails, it could be easy to find yourself spending much more time and money than intended.  

Puttery is located at 612 W 47th St, Kansas City, MO 64112.

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