Prince: Was His Purpleness’ son conceived in a Kansas City hotel in 1976?

The line for Prince’s fortune is starting to grow. The latest claim comes from a Colorado inmate with Kansas City ties.

Charles Q. Williams claims he’s Prince’s son, and he’s filed a paternity claim with a Minnesota court. According to news reports, Williams’ mother, Marsha Henson, claims in an affidavit that she met Prince in the lobby of a Kansas City hotel in July 1976. There was some wine drinking, one thing led to another, and she says she and Prince had unprotected sex in a hotel room. No word on which hotel but if Prince was really involved, you know it was a sexy one.

Henson goes on to claim that she didn’t have sex with anyone for six weeks before the alleged hookup, and she didn’t have sex with anyone else until Williams was born on April 8, 1977.

Williams isn’t the only Kansas Citian making a claim. A woman has come forward claiming she’s Prince’s half-sister.

Maybe I should give my mom a call and see if she happened up on Prince in early 1977. Even though Prince’s family says he didn’t have any known children, the artist was so sexy that he could probably impregnate someone with just a glance.

R.I.P., Prince.

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