Premiere: Other Americans’ new video for ‘Kink Wave’

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It seems like it was only yesterday that Other Americans released their sophomore EP, OA2, but it’s actually been well over a year since that cassette dropped in October of 2019. That said, we were beyond excited for the band’s unique blend of dance-pop, guitars, and “guilt-free” alternative to drug-fueled EDM to return when the band dropped their upcoming album, Paranoid Fiction, earlier this week. Now that you’ve had time to digest its fantastic grooves (those guitars on “Driver,” am I right?), we’re pleased to share the first look at their new video for “Kink Wave.”

The band’s frontwoman, Julie Berndsen, has this to say about the new music recorded with guitarist Brandon Phillips, bassist Michelle Bacon, and drummer Adam Phillips: “We did the recordings pre-COVID and hoped to tour this summer, put out a vinyl record, etc. But we had to adapt to the changes around us, so we’re selling masks instead of vinyl. We made the video in our own COVID Thunderdome. Brandon had the great idea to get a set up that was a safe and creative space for all of us.” Check out the Todd Zimmer-lensed and Josh Berwanger-edited video below and have yourself a private dance party.

Listen to all of Paranoid Fiction, while you’re at it.

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