Premiere: Cuee’s ‘Gravity’ brings a ‘love is in the air’ vibe


Cuee // photo credit Jacob Schermerhorn

Under the name Cuee, rapper Quis Wright has been a mainstay of the Lawrence scene for the last five years, regularly performing all over town and dropping mixtapes, each of which sees him evolving in terms of delivery, flow, and sheer exuberant attitude. His latest, Gospel, officially releases with an early show at the Replay Lounge on Saturday, May 8.

It’s part of a celebration of the return of live music with I Heart Local Music, and we’re beyond excited to get to share with you the latest single off Gospel, “Gravity,” featuring Lindsey Alderman. For a look back at where Wright was last year, check out our premiere for the video of “Who’s Back” here, then check out “Gravity” below while reading my email Q&A with the rapper.

The Pitch: How’d you come to work with Lindsey?

Quis Wright: Me and Lindsey have shared the staged before quite a few times- at Bottleneck, Liberty, etc. She always invites me out to perform with her so I thought it was time for us to do a song together. I had a song in mind and I need a vocalist with her sound. So, I reached out to her on her website and was like, “Yo, I got this track I think you would sound dope on: take a listen and let me know.” She responded quickly and was for it. As far as “Gravity,” my idea for the song was happy, fun, and “Love is in the air” type of vibe. It’s reflective of the start of my 2021 and you know I love to spread messages. I also needed to add some love to the album–some brightness.

What’s been the process of putting the album together (like, how long did it take, where’d you record, etc.)?

It’s been a long process, to be honest. Some songs on this project, I started writing back in 2017 and just working them to fit my narrative more–name change, pronouns, etc.–and other songs have been spur-of-the-moment, “this is going on the album” type thing. I wanted this album to have many different sounds, which I think speaks to my personality. I kind of fit in anywhere.

I’ve recorded it a few times but I was waiting for the moment my voice started to stay at a consistent level. In the meantime, I reached out to other artists I wanted to collaborate with. This album has features from Lindsey Alderman, Royal Chief, and Joel Leoj–they all have different sounds. Of course, I traveled back home [to Chicago] to record this album. I recorded with the engineer that I used for the past two projects I worked on, and also worked with a new engineer on some tracks. Going home is always a vibe for me and it’s where I feel most comfortable recording.

How excited are you for a live show again, and what was the last one you did?

I am ready. I’m past excited, I am ready to perform again. I miss the stage, I miss live concerts, and I miss how much fun I had doing it. The last live show I played was in November 2019 at Liberty Hall with Lindsey Alderman.

The release party for Cuee’s Gospel is Saturday, May 8, at the Replay Lounge, with Approach taking to the decks after. Details on that show here

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