Premiere: Boxknife unveil queer dark-pop banger track “The Tower”

Makes us wish there was a Donnie Darko sequel worthy of this synth shout-sincerity.
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Boxknife. // Photo by Justina Kellner

Boxknife is a queer dark-pop band from Kansas City made up of embers Stephanie Bankston, Britt Wild, Mia Morrow, and Brook Worlledge.

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Boxknife. // Photo by Justina Kellner

They stealthily pack themes of substance abuse, mysticism, mental health, and the queer experience into dark, danceable tunes that spark movement and dread.

You’ll recognize a few members from the former local group Lovergurl, who we, well, loved. Now Boxknife is one of our favorite rising stars on the scene.

Today we’re premiering their new track “The Tower”, which we think you’ll agree has incredible goth positivity vibes alongside one of our favorite synth riffs of 2022.

If you caught them last night at Replay Lounge in Lawrence, you know how goddamned stoked we are for their soon-to-release EP.

Until then, join us in climbing “The Tower.”

You can also find this track via all the normal mainstream streaming services as of… right now. You can find all their different streams and socials via their Beacons page.

Book them via this email address.

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Boxknife. // Photo by Justina Kellner

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