PRCKC and Uplift are working in unison with houseless populations to keep pets healthy

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Courtesy of Dave Shapiro

Pet Resource Center of Kansas City and Uplift are working together to help the houseless community in Kansas City with their furry companions.

Pet Resource Center of Kansas City used to be known as Spay and Neuter Kansas City but they are so much more than that now. Located at 59th and Troost, they have urgent care, offer vaccinations, and have organized a pet food pantry. Dave Shapiro, the digital communications specialist for PRCKC, has the job of getting the word out about the work that they do and we were able to talk with him about some of the more recent projects that they have going on. Most notably their work with Uplift. 

Uplift is a mobile outreach for the houseless of Kansas City. Three nights a week they send their van out with clothing, food, and other essentials to meet with houseless across the city and give them what they need. They serve about 250-400 people each night and are 100% donation based. They have a list of things that they need to be donated and more information on how to help them on their website here. 

In partnering with PRCKC, Uplift has been able to shift some of its focus to helping the pets of the houseless in the city. They provide the animals with vaccinations and food, making sure that these people can keep their companions happy and healthy,

“A lot of people that I meet in the houseless community have almost nothing but the bond that they share with their pets.” says Shapiro, “I’ve seen people come out of those situations simply because they have a pet to take care of.” 

This partnership with Uplift has been going on for a little over a year, “We’ve always wanted to work with them,” says Shapiro, “But it’s only within the last year that we’ve really been able to get the program up and running.” 

The work that PRCKC is doing with Uplift is very important, but what they really want people to know is that this is all a part of a much larger issue, “What we are able to do is help a small piece of a much larger problem, so anything that people can donate will help us make a bigger impact. Uplift has a very established network in the community so having access to that has been very beneficial.” 

As far as how you can help with the work that PRCKC and Uplift are doing in the community, donations are the best way to go. PRCKC has an Amazon wishlist that you can purchase supplies from to help their cause. Flea and tick and heartworm prevention medication are one of the most common needs that they come across since that is one of the biggest harms that can come to these pets.

Visit their website for the links to where to donate and a list of the items they need. 

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