P.O.S. covers Pearl Jam

The circuitry of my brain has just been rewritten a little. For the deluxe rerelease of Pearl Jam’s debut album Ten (now 18), MTV2 got various artists to do covers. It’s very commercial and most of them suck (Hoobastank? fuck you), whatever. But, for some reason, Minneapolis indie rapper http://www.myspace.com/posisruiningmylife” target=”_blank”>P.O.S.‘s contribution, a cover of “Why Go,” is blowing my mind.

This video is so far the only place you can hear it. It’s a super-minimal affair, with P.O.S. warning that his voice may suck (“there’s no auto-tune in grunge”) and singing somewhat nonchalantly over drum-machine beats and working in some sweet MPC magic — nothing all that big. But somehow it’s completely fucking awesome. I demand a full-production version released and sent directly to my iPod, now! Watch it and see if you feel the same.

And if any local hip-hop producers or rappers are reading this, I suggest you get to work on some grunge covers. This could be the next big thing, y’all. Can you imagine — Mac Lethal covering “My Way,” or CES Cru doing some Mudhoney? The possibilities are RIPE.

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