Pizza Manifesto in Waldo closed, making way for … Chipotle’s Pizzeria Locale?

The sign taped to the locked glass door of the five-month-old Waldo restaurant Pizza Manifesto, at 505 West 75th Street, confirms that the carryout pie shop is closed. But is it done?

As you can see, the sign suggests a possible return in some form. The Pizza Manifesto Web page says nothing about the closing. I’ve been trying for days to reach Manifesto co-owner Bryan Grissell; the venue’s phone number is still active, but the outgoing greeting says I’ve reached “a voice-mail system that has not been set up yet.”

People working in other bars and restaurants around Waldo all seem to have heard the same rumor about what’s next for that address: KC’s first Pizzeria Locale, Chipotle’s pizza concept. There’s a Chipotle immediately east of Pizza Manifesto, so it seems like a convenient transition.

But is it true?

The manager of the Waldo Chipotle, reached today by phone, didn’t confirm or deny. She stuck to “We don’t know” when I asked her whether and when her store would expand into the former Pizza Manifesto space.

Chris Arnold, director of communications for Chipotle, has issued his own nondenial denial. In an e-mail to The Pitch, he writes: “Chipotle does well in Kansas City and we think it could be a great city for Pizzeria Locale, but we have no deals in Kansas City at this time and no details to share about plans for that market.”

Of course, Pizzeria Locale started as a big secret, and it seems to be on the hunt for expansion sites. Who wants some Edison-wheat-crust pizza?

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