Pitch Music Showcase Roundup: McCoy’s, mostly

For most folks, the Pitch Music Showcase is kinda like a baby South by Southwest. You bounce around from bar to bar all night, trying to cram in as many musical acts as possible, and maybe taking advantage of the bit of free booze offered at the sponsor tent. The night is heady and frenetic. But that’s never been my experience. As a show of support to the cause and my employer, I always volunteer to be the emcee at one venue all night. This year, I spent virtually my entire evening at McCoy’s.

The night kicked off right on time with Country/Bluegrass nominees the Kansas City Bear Fighters at 8 p.m. The trio crammed onto the stage with a banjo, guitar, upright bass and lead singer Quinn McCue, who exhibits one of the most surprising body size to voice ratios in the city. At well over six feet tall with a broad chest and shoulders, McCue is one of the most imposing vegetarians I’ve ever met, in spite of his easy smile. (I once got mugged while in the company of his sister and then-fiance — I’m convinced if he’d been there, the thugs wouldn’t have struck.) However, something happens when McCue takes the mic. Instead of the bass or baritone you’d expect from a man of his stature — and who doesn’t sound a bit girly when speaking — McCue sings in a sunny falsetto that you might think was coming from a woman if you weren’t staring at him. 

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