Pitch Music Showcase MP3-ography: The Riot Room (inside)

Featuring all-new MP3s from Sailor Sequence, Oriole Post, the Rich Boys, James Christos and Waiting for Signal and classic jam from Thunder Eagle. These bands are playing at the Riot Room.

The Pitch Music Showcase is this Thursday night. In the meantime, we’ll be giving you an audio-visual taste of the 28 bands, DJs, rappers and solo artists who are playing for your $5 (buy wristband here) by posting MP3s and photos for, hopefully, all of them today and tomorrow.

Many of the songs the artists contributed have never been released until right here, right now.

Remember, there are many more acts nominated in the awards than just the ones playing on showcase night. Read about all 126 nominees in our Official Showcase Guide.

8 p.m. – Sailor Sequence (indie pop)

MP3: “Salt”

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